Bridgefoot Organic is helping to rebuild local food economies

We believe that changing the way we produce and distribute food is fundamental to solving the world’s most pressing social and ecological problems.

About Bridgefoot Organic

Bridgefoot started in 1991 by Colin Ward and was one of the earliest organic box scheme providers. The aim was to produce affordable, environmentally responsible and sustainable food that was free of harmful chemicals and which supported the local economy, serving the Aberdeenshire community. When Colin retired, he sold the business to the staff, and it continues to run with the same aims.

At Bridgefoot, we are keenly aware of the environmental challenges we face: the damage that chemicals are doing to humans, wildlife, fragile ecosystems, and our soil; resulting in allergies and illness, while threatening wildlife and human habitation. Therefore, it is important that we leave as small an imprint on our land as is humanly possible. We use minimal plastic and no chemicals are used. We promote fertility in our soil, through humus builders (decomposing organic plant), which also helps prevent the erosion of soil microbes without damaging plant matter, thus creating a healthy tillable land and an eco-system which helps earthworms and other creatures to thrive. Our crops are on long rotation plans, which creates a much more complex system and enhances diversification.

Fair prices for farmers and artisan food producers is vital

We pay our suppliers at least 50% of the retail value for any products we buy in, and when dealing with wholesalers, we check to make sure they pay fair prices to their growers.

The benefits of buying local

Local food supports local economies. Food grown in the local community supports local jobs and encourages variety in our diets. It also requires less transportation, so it's fresher and has a smaller environmental footprint.

Fresher food

Reduced food miles

Support local jobs

Respect for the food system

Fewer preservatives

Better value for money

Reduced packaging

I love the range of products and the idea of buying local. Thanks for everything :)

— Yolanda A.

We've got some great people

Meet some of our committed Bridgefoot Organic crew who work hard to bring you the tastiest local food. If you would like to be part of the team, get in touch.

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